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I’m Still Standing!

Greetings, one and all. It’s me, Von Moltey, comang to you liv from my feeeeeeet. You see, my freinds, I can still stand and touc hthat rainbow. As god our shining light of beauty like the sun wuold say, “You can stnd motley, y ou can stannnd n ow go out and br i ngh lovce unttto the llike a butterflluy.” I realllly l ike Bbuttergflies They r colkorful and... more

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PortlandCityArt.com ROYAL RUMBLE UPDATE!

Folks, Ladies and hippies… Portland Guys from Eugene to Astoria… Strippers, coffee shop/bar/gallery owners, Richard Spear, Jon Motley and the city of Portland itself. After a long inner staff war with our current writers (leaving some of them limbless, some of them toothless, and one of them dead on the scene), we are proud to say that our site is back on track. As for the battle, here are some... more

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Always Look on the Bright Side

First of all, let me say this: Thank you to the class-act art community in Portland for doing the right thing and complaining enough to get me this job, you have no idea how tired I am of eating watered-down ketchup and saltines, as pleasant as they are if you have enough water. Now, I know that there are really great artists all over the city that have absolutely no... more

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