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The Alberta Street Controversy

Good riddance, and a big thank you to Tan Peluski for letting me write his column. He has been ill, but sends his best. Important things await me this evening. Dinner with Vera Katz followed by a waxing and if we’re lucky a little horseback. Ha, I just realized that later tonight I’m going to be “Running down a dream” literally! Sex on the Titties. Anyhow, for those of you... more

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Knife Clown, Ice Pussy

Charles: Hey, everybody! Munson: Here, here! Charles: Yeah, over here! We won’t bite! Munson: I do exclaim! Charles: We just got back from… ART COUNTRY! Munson: Charles, you’re not going to tell them about the… Charles: Oh yes I am! Munson: No, you can’t tell them about the… Charles: Oh yes I can! Munson: I need to sit down! Charles: OK, Portland, are you ready for Adventures in Art Country™... more

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Ten MORE Things NOT to Do in Portland

First I want to use the big word “Apologize” which means sorry and I say this because I have not been on here much lately. To explain every detail of my time spent else where would no doubt confuse you all and send you into mass hysteria ( Oh shit! ) I mean panic. So in short and with little words I have spent well over a month working in... more

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Ten Things NOT to Do in Portland

Wow, Well folks, dudes and strippers we had a good run with our commentary on the art scene. I know that first sentence really confused everyone out there, so allow me to spell it out for you… on your level. Yo! It was rad, dude. We were just rapping about Portland art. Yeah, man, that was super fuckin’ cool. After the riot/ brawl/ war that happened in our office, and... more

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