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John Wray is One Serious Mother Fucker

Hey folks! Man About Town here, and dear God my liver is killing me. Despite my doctor’s threats of violence if I leave my bed today, I am sitting here with none other than Portland’s own John Wray, an amazing artist and one of pinball’s true heros. This is one guy you don’t want to miss out on talking to, even when your piss is coming out purple and your... more

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Approximate @ galleryHOMELAND

Art: Pleasure to work with you, Tan. Your swollen red nose and beer stained shirt precede you. Our subject today is rather simpleton, we have been asked to critique a John Motley article from the Portland Mercury, a darling little publication worth its’ weight in soiled bedsheets. In it he praises the collaborative installation, Approximate, currently disturbing those unfortunate enough to find themselves scurrying the hallways of galleryHOMELAND. I believe... more

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Art Teacher Interview

Question: How does it feel to be teaching children the building blocks for the most unsuccessful and unnecessary career in the world? Answer: Great, asshole. Q: I’m only kidding. Seriously, though… so you’re teaching our kids to be losers? A: No. Q: What do you get when you cross a fat guy with a bunch of suburban art students? A: I don’t know… Is this a real interview? Q: Coffee... more

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