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How to Keep From Starving as an Artist in Portland

Hard to believe I am still here feeding you cool cats the “real deal” on such a regular basis–that means I do it a lot. Times are hard out on the streets of Portland, especially as an artist. I mean, I get it, gang. We can’t all master the bio-rhythms of eight dimensions while shaving with our minds. I had to rough it once, I did half an hour in... more

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First Thursday is Fuckin’ RAD

Art Jeanyus here, back from a world-wide expedition to bring you the latest (and not so latest) news on what’s happening out there in the past, present, and by way of my telepathic powers, the future. I’ve been on what you would call a hiatus ( sorry, I mean gone from work ) and I’ve missed a lot of important things that have been going on in this fine city.... more

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Things Ta Do With Art That Ain’t That Good

Art Jeanyus here, back again and taking a long deserved break from being a genius lab rat for the less fortunate. Today I want to discuss how you as an art collector can reuse some of those paintings you’ve purchased in the middle of a night while you were blacked out, or perhaps you just felt bad for some dirty kid on Alberta street selling their not so good work... more

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GREAT IDEAS for not so great people!

As an avid believer in spreading intellect throughout this great cosmic (giant blackness with lights every where around you) universe. I wanted to pay a little more attention to the few, well few too many creative persons out there in the fine city of Portland Oregon. As an artist you become faced with many challenges. Originality ( doing something no one else has done ), Creativity ( actually making something... more

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Ten MORE Things NOT to Do in Portland

First I want to use the big word “Apologize” which means sorry and I say this because I have not been on here much lately. To explain every detail of my time spent else where would no doubt confuse you all and send you into mass hysteria ( Oh shit! ) I mean panic. So in short and with little words I have spent well over a month working in... more

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Ten Things NOT to Do in Portland

Wow, Well folks, dudes and strippers we had a good run with our commentary on the art scene. I know that first sentence really confused everyone out there, so allow me to spell it out for you… on your level. Yo! It was rad, dude. We were just rapping about Portland art. Yeah, man, that was super fuckin’ cool. After the riot/ brawl/ war that happened in our office, and... more

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Welcome: On Your Level

A few days ago I was asked to be a periodic columnist on a new up and coming website that introspectively relays information about the happenings of art in the city of Portland, Oregon. With respect to the geographical location of these columns and my reader audience, I as a professional writer (though adorned several times over with masters degrees in fields of personal interest, keynote speaker at several hundred... more

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