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Heavy Water: a Tragic Tale of Seduction in the Vocal Styling of Patrick Stewart

Body hotter no need to bother with Estée Lauder™ heavy water. Name dropper serial stalker phone number swapper heavy water. Flower shopper dinner and movie proper another glass of wine for the lady? heavy water. Hungry like Donner for your vagina locker time to Frogger heavy water. Bone you harder than your father gasm stronger heavy water. Lamb to slaughter womb marauder in your daughter heavy water. Pillow talker frequent... more

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Sword in Your Stone (sung to the tune of Nights in White Satin)

i’m gonna put my sword in your stone and it’s gonna make you moan all night long and come morning your statuesque body is gonna be used to my bone oh it’s gonna make you feel so goooood when i stick it in it’s gonna make you feel so gooooood oh make my body tumble with pleasure girl that’s so good the way you do that to me so gooooood... more

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Hands, Touching Hands, Reaching Out, Touching Balls, Touching Me!!!

Hey there, sexy ladies and lady dudes that are sexy when I am drunk but I never speak with them again and often leave before you wake. Glen here, and I’m ready for’s first article dedicated to the sexiness and beauty of poetry. We’re not talking about just any poetry, though, we’re talking poetry that you can sing out. Poetry that needs music, that is music, that can make... more

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