Portland City Art was started by a couple of miscreants who share a common goal: to make fun of people in Portland that take themselves seriously. Having participated in various capacities in Portland’s art scene, we have insider knowledge about the people and places involved.

All art scenes are crap by definition, but what makes Portland’s scene special is how its’ cast of characters are so totally full of shit you kind of start to wonder, are they really full of shit? Well, yes and no. Some of them are… no, most of them are. Some of them are just ignorant. Then there’s us. Some of us are still on the inside, undercover, getting you the latest dirt and screwing with everyone involved. Some of us have been kicked out, exiled, and want to share out experiences. Others of us are just bat-shit crazy and love to talk shit, hence the Portland art scene hates us. It hates anyone that forces it to take a long, hard look at itself. It hates the truth.

We started putting together Portland City Art cause we wanted to give you all something to smile about when that day comes and you realize, hey… Portland’s art scene has actually been taking a huge dump all over my face this WHOLE TIME! What a bunch of ASSHOLES! Yes, they are. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, but if Portland’s art scene is anything it’s predictable. Your time will come. When it does, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Join us on the pages of Portland City Art as we begin to unfurl, unfold, and uncover exactly whose fault it is, just for you our faithful beloved losers.

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