PortlandCityArt.com for Everyone!

Even though you are all a bunch of morons, we decided (from the beginning) that the best thing for everyone involved in the Portland art scene is to allow ANYONE and EVERYONE to write for us. That is why we have always been open to the public. All you have to do is register, and walla, you can write articles. Some of you figured that out from the beginning, but many of you have not have figured it out, and instead incessantly whine about what is written. If you have always wanted to write for a website that gets traffic every day without even trying, follow these simple steps:

1. click ‘register’

2. register

3. write a damn article already

We won’t edit you, censor you, or kick you out. Seriously. Enjoy, Portland. It’s not that hard.


4 thoughts on “PortlandCityArt.com for Everyone!

  1. No f***ing way! Ha ha! You’re kidding, right? WE should help YOU douche nozzles fill your bitter-hater zine with content? No sale!

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