Man About Town

Folks! Ladies! Soon to be Ex-Wives!!! Oh! Seriously now I AM SO EXCITED! Not only because I am half way into a liter of vodka but because I have been working very hard on my new painting for the holidays…. Seriously from the most recent article here on the website you know I was recently attacked by cops. The incident along with earphones fro mthe porn shop melting to my head gave me some sort of seriously,? revalation….. Seriously what ever you call it. So I was dreaming and this painting popped in my head of myself meeting the indians as a pilgrim…. So as a lay out though the painting is not finished, seriously this is what happens…. I am standing in peril, meeting chief ” Too Many Beers “! He comes with is soon ” Drinks too much ” and his other ” Blows a lot”. They are followed in the sky by Conan the barbarian the most Native of them all…. The wind blows and I can feel the possum by my side, “Your animal spirit is strong with you.” the chief says. I say hey “My ex wife was strong with me.” “How!” his son blows a lot says. “How? How what? Seriously never ask me that question again. Really now my ex wife and just did it you don’t want details…..” I replied. His son then said ” How, Tan!”…”Seriously.” I said. So I told them I was hungry and I had come from a place that did not allow me to pretend god existed so I swam here with my posssum and now I am starving….. They then gave me a turkey and some corn (I haven’t colored that in yet!). I thanked them for their generosity and handed them some stuff from Europe… As a white man I felt obligated to share on this day at least one thing that would secure my place in this new world but seriously I gave ’em two!!!!!!! So I hand them a blanket with small pox and a bottle of the devil’s water and guess what!!! Like years later they are almost all dead but there are a few that start this thing called casinos on the land my government stole from them but they happened to whine their way into keeping…. Seriously the best dream and what do you get when you cross a fat guy with Happy Thanks Giving? Fappy Fanks Fiving!!!


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