Facebook: Poof!


Oh, poof!

Hey there, did you see that magic trick?  Suddenly I just appeared! I’m Merle the Magnificent and I do magic tricks. Like check this one out.

Poof! You are no longer my friend! Poof! Neither is he. Poof! Neither is she. Poof! All those nice things I said about you are gone. Poof! Now you’re d-d-deaf. Poof! B-b-blind. Poof! M-m-mute. Poof! Facebook is gone, as though it were never there. Poof! Free porn appears in its’ place. Poof! My hands are no longer typing. Poof! My cigar is in your mouth. Poof! You can taste my breath on it. Poof! Something spilled all over my shorts. Poof! I am going to take a nap. Poof! Poof! Poooooooof!

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