Portland Artists = Joke

I have heard a lot of negative things about this site and have read many of the articles.  I can definitely see how people can be offended by the content of this website, but people, you have to see, that is the whole purpose of this site, to piss people off.  But why does it piss people off, because it speaks the truth most of the time.  It mocks the art scene in Portland, and hey, artists in general, and rightfully so.  Artists are so full of themselves, when in fact they are nobodies.  They put themselves on this high horse thinking they are changing something, when in fact they are not. They make pretty pictures that a 3 year old can draw…hell I’ve seen 3 year olds produce better art than some of these artists here in Portland.

You meet these so-called artists around town, at Last Thursday, and ask them to help come and become involved in the community.  They seemed thrilled, and estatic.  However, when the time comes, they are too good and too busy to give you the time of day.  In reality, who are they?  Nobody.  Nobody besides this small art clique in Portland knows who they are, but because of that miniscule amount of fame they feel they receive from their peers, they think they are god to the art scene. 

It is sickening to see how pretentious and fake people are.  I went to art school, got a BFA at a prestgious art school, but what does it matter?  It doesn’t.  What lives am I changing by making art?  None.  The art scene has been long about money and who you know, that is why I don’t make art to show in galleries and mark them up $500 for a small 4″x6″ painting that a preschooler can do in 3 minutes.  It’s ridiculous.  Then when given an opportunity to actually make money and make a change to the community, they turn it down or ignore it if it doesn’t benefit their social status.  Portland art scene is a joke.  I feel embarrassed that these so-called artists are supposed role models for today’s youth.  It’s okay to be a “working artist” and live off of food stamps and some shitty apartment shared with 5 other people.  What a great life and example we are setting for our youth.  It’s no wonder why Portland is one of the fastet growing cities for young people and we have the highest unemployment rate.  Have fun and get a free ride while you make shitty art.  Man, I love Portland.

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