GREAT IDEAS for not so great people!

On Your Level

As an avid believer in spreading intellect throughout this great cosmic (giant blackness with lights every where around you) universe. I wanted to pay a little more attention to the few, well few too many creative persons out there in the fine city of Portland Oregon. As an artist you become faced with many challenges. Originality ( doing something no one else has done ), Creativity ( actually making something appealing to the eye and worth putting up for sale ) and Financial Ability ( supporting your art and artistic needs with the purchase of materials necessary to creativity… uh, nevermind ).

With all this in mind, and with the threat of global destruction at our doorstep, at any second I myself face many challenges, and have been blessed with the brain power of a million alien creatures times two billion Einsteins. So today my goal is to save you the stress ( something that bothers you and doesn’t allow you to focus ) and dismay that comes with being a working artist in Portland, Oregon.


  • Remember to use any object you may find on the street. Portland is big on this and if you paint something slightly mediocre you can sell it at Last Thursday on Alberta for a easy $10.00.
  • Learn to love coffee shops, bars, salons and restaurants that show art. In today’s fast paced ( speedy ) society most people don’t have the time to visit a gallery so they often visit these venues not with the purpose of eating, drinking, getting their hair done, or chatting with friends, but merely to enjoy the artwork and spend their hard earned money that they’ve been saving up for a latte or cold beer on a piece of broken wood with a bright puffy cloud or bloody knife painted on it.
  • Lower your prices. The economy is in a current place of despair with no promise for future growth. As parents and young adults eyeball your works of art on the walls of their favorite eatery or watering hole they will be turned away as they scan your hand written price tag below the painting asking $400.00 dollars from something someone in seventh grade could have painted for a school talent show.
  • Don’t despair! Even when artists in Portland don’t have fame or talent in the least, they still have one another and you should embrace the qualities of your fellow creatives in this city. Teach yourself to fire dance and play the bongo drums, trade homemade bracelets and paintings or drawings for tofu sandwiches and an organic beer. Remember that it’s not the quality of your art work that matters here in Portland it’s the community and loving support of other artists around you that also don’t have very good artwork…

Well, this is Art Jeanyus again with another bounty of knowledge passed down to you in Portland by means of telepathy as I sit here awaiting the signing of a peace treaty with a planet four galaxies away that wants us all to be slaves and play the violin for them every hour of the day.

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