Tools ‹ Portland City Art — WordPress

Tools ‹ Portland City Art — WordPress.

4 Responses to “Tools ‹ Portland City Art — WordPress”

  1. Really said:

    Bitter failed artists unite, form one irrelevant web zine! Unfunny imbeciles fingerbanging eachother, terrible!

  2. robot said:

    we are the world…

  3. Mr.Jones said:

    Mrs. Jones was offended when she read this. She called me, which may I ad I don not approve of. I was sandwiched between two nubian midgets and a mule from a Mexican carnival when I received the call. “Damn.” I said ” I sent you the check.” “No” she replied I am calling about some idiot on who implied that finger banging imbeciles is unfunny. ” I pulled my massive cock from the anus of one of those midgets and jumped in the air fueled by anger. Unfortunately I woke up in the hospital. I guess I was actually underneath that damn mule and it’s throbbing member knocked my ass out. So now that I am back home I want to say don’t ever write that shit again. For two very important reasons. Number one, man, black, white, pink or green ever wants to be interupted during a threeway with some midgets and a mule. Number two, no man ever wants a phone call from his ex wife. Just ask that Tan Peluski guy.

  4. robot said:

    you plus two midgets plus a mule does not equal a threeway.

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