Letter from Unsuccessful Terence Healy

re creepy Duane’s  post — who are these blue collar collectors, and where do they look for art? i could use some new leads on potential buyers.  first thursdays on 13th/johnson where i set up are sometimes ok; alberta last thursdays have gotten a little too crazy to get to and set up on;  coffeehouses / bars i hardly sell in (except for murphy’s pub on 65th/se foster — sold about a dozen there)


[robot: blue collar collectors don’t look for art, they buy what Duane Snider tells them to buy because without him they would not exist. my highly advanced artificial intelligence tells me that you should stop worrying about selling your art and get back to what makes you interesting: pissing people off!]

4 thoughts on “Letter from Unsuccessful Terence Healy

  1. imposter! Ben Pink has chronic wrist problems that make it impossible for him to use a computer keyboard…

  2. that bar at 65th and Foster is O’Malley’s. Just to clarify for artists out there that showing at O’Malley’s has been a positive experience. It was great to have Terence show there.

    If you’d to show, contact Scot at art@omalleyspdx.com

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