Heavy Water: a Tragic Tale of Seduction in the Vocal Styling of Patrick Stewart

Body hotter
no need to bother
with Estée Lauder™
heavy water.

Name dropper
serial stalker
phone number swapper
heavy water.

Flower shopper
dinner and movie proper
another glass of wine for the lady?
heavy water.

Hungry like Donner
for your vagina locker
time to Frogger
heavy water.

Bone you harder
than your father
gasm stronger
heavy water.

Lamb to slaughter
womb marauder
in your daughter
heavy water.

Pillow talker
frequent yawner
exit plotter
heavy water.

Nine months yonder
at the doctor
broken water
heavy water.

Shook the toddler
jurisdiction hopper
now a pauper
heavy water.

Cannon fodder
life squandered
no need to go any farther…
heavy water.


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